I have always loved taking pictures, but it really got started back when my daughter was playing basketball. At first, I just had a "point & shoot" camera, then I wanted more, and so the story goes, my husband, Toby, who has been involved in photography since 1976, bought me a new camera, lens, flash, and everything I needed to get the pictures I wanted, and we were off to the races! I started taking pictures of my daughter, and of school activities, and then parents would ask me to take a picture of their child, and so it started. Now I am a full-time professional photographer, with a studio and awesome equipment. I truly have FUN at my job! I want to make it fun for you also!

I enjoy a challenge when a client comes in and says they want to do something "different", "off the wall", "not the usual", I literally get goosebumps!

We are first and foremost here to see that our clients' needs and wishes are met. We are flexible and will work with you in any way we can.


“There were moments Monique captured that I can hold forever, not just in my mind's eye .... my daddy walking in seeing his grandson for the first time, my mother & mother-in-law embracing, eyes closed tightly, happy to witness such a miracle. You can’t experience all of the chaos going on in the room when all you are focused on is that new little life in your arms. You miss so much that she is able to capture & bring back to the forefront of your mind. My husband said, “I’m really glad she was there."”

—Chelsy Jones Sullivan

“She did fantastic on my maternity photoshoot! Very happy with them and plan to use this photographer again in the future!”

—Lacie Lewis