I have always loved taking pictures, but it really got started back when my daughter was playing basketball. At first I just had a "point & shoot" camera, then I wanted more, and so the story goes, my husband, Toby, who has been involved in photography since 1976, bought me a new camera, lens, flash and everything I needed to get the pictures I wanted, and we were off to the races! I started taking pictures of my daughter, and of school activites, and then parents would ask me to take a picture of their child, and so it started. Now I am a full time professional photographer, with a studio and awesome equipment. I truly have FUN at my job! I want to make it fun for you also!

We are first and foremost here to see that our clients' needs and wishes are met. We are flexible and will work with you anyway we can.

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General Photography -  Birth, Birthday, Children, Engagement, Events, Family, Holidays, New Born, Pets, Seniors, Weddings etc.


Birth-ography - First, birth photography is beautiful.  It is not gross, or yucky, or distasteful as I’ve read online in the last few days.  It’s not about the crowning shot, which is such a common misconception.  Sure, some parents request that particular photo and it can be done respectfully and with integrity.  If that photograph is taken, it accounts for around 2% of the birth photography images presented to client.  Most of the time parents choose to keep those images private, but the choice is theirs.  There is much more to birth photography than the actual moment of birth.  It’s the birth environment, the details, the comings and goings of those who are there.  It’s mom holding on to dad in pain, offering a supportive hand, the doctor and nurses preparing and helping mom push.  It’s the baby placed on moms chest for the first time, the tears of joy, pure adrenaline, the cutting of the cord and babies little toes and fingers.  It’s the first time a sibling meets a new baby brother or sister with a look of wonder.  It’s about all of those things put together to tell the birth story of your child. It’s the journey of a birth day.  It’s the making of a family.  It’s special.  And if a family chooses so, it deserves to be captured.

Some parents want these images for themselves, and never have the intention to share them.  For many parents, giving birth is one of the most defining and special moments in their lives.  Wanting to have it captured so you can remember it does not make you a diva or vain.


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